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North Staffs IVC is a friendly, informal club offering a wide variety of social, cultural & sporting activities, for professional, & like-minded people.  Meals, walks, pub nights, theatre, weekends away, holidays, live music, dancing, Rock n Roll, Ceroc,and much more.

In April 2020 we set up a facebook group which can be found here. This group is open to NS IVC members only.

We also have a meetup group which is open to IVC members.

The club is run by the members for the members, which keeps the costs low and the fun high.  North Staffs Inter Varsity Club is one of 37 IVC Clubs around the UK with nearly 3000 members nationally.

As a full member of our NSIVC club you can enjoy events from our other IVC clubs, which include holidays abroad. See  Here

Our club has around 120 members, (mainly in the 50+ age group), but there are no age limits, and everyone is welcome. We’re always looking for new members, whether singles or couples, to join us in having a great time.  See our FAQ page for a few pictures.

North Staffs IVC has existed for 6o+ years, and Cambridge University where IVC began, celebrated 70 years in 2016.  We also have a Meetup group, with over 80 members, and growing rapidly. This site lists our diary of events, Photo’s,  etc, See here…

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