New Members Handout

North Staffs IVC (Inter Varsity Club) is one of 40 IVC groups around the country, we have around 100 members with an average age of 50+ in the North Staffs group. It’s a social and activity group, not a singles group or a dating agency – the club has both single and married members.

You will be asked to pay £7.50 for an IVC Passport which covers your membership for the first three months. This covers admin and insurance.  Prior to acceptance as a new Member, you are asked to attend 6 events over this 3-month period, no more than 3 of which should be Monday club/pub nights.  This enables you to meet other members and see what we have to offer before you decide whether the IVC is for you.  The other events need to be club events.

If you wish to join after attending the required number of events, give your completed Passport to the Membership Secretary who will advise you how much you have to pay for the balance of that year’s membership, worked out on a pro rata basis.  We will require a current photograph for our records.  Your passport will then be submitted for approval at the next Committee meeting.

Current annual membership is £25 per calendar year or £15 if two events are hosted.  This can be paid by cheque or bank transfer, and subsequent years’ membership must be paid for before the end of January each year. The £15 discount is forfeited if the annual membership is not paid by     31st January. There is no discount for paying early if no event has been hosted.

You will receive a monthly information Bulletin distributed on the last Monday of the month, and there are also 4 folders available at each pub/club night, giving more details of events for the current and subsequent months, and of the National AIVC group.  If you can’t locate the folders, ask the events co-ordinators Keith Aston and Joyce Dunsandle-Daly (their photos are on the back of the bulletin and at the end of this document).  These folders contain events sheets showing how much the events cost, who the organiser is, etc. – please include your phone number when you sign up to an event, so you can be contacted should any changes occur.

You should contact the event organiser if you can’t attend the event, as putting your name down is not provisional and indicates that you mean to attend the event.

Events include walking, theatre, cinema, meals, table tennis, holidays, dancing and golf etc.,

The contact details for IVC correspondence and membership renewals are:

Email:  or Club Mobile: 07960 120535, or by post:

North Staffs IVC – Care Of: –
Newcastle Flooring Solutions,
70 Paris Avenue, Westlands,
Newcastle, Staffs.

Contact Loraine, Membership Secretary, or ask to see a committee member on a Club night.

Please also look at our club website for our Activities and Club Nights (we meet at a different pub every Monday night).  Go to either of the websites below then to Calendar to check for details: or

We look forward to seeing you soon.