Putting on an Event

So, you want to put on a new Club Event?  What do you need to do?

Every full member of NSIVC is encouraged and supported to organise at least two events per year.

  1. Events can only be organised by IVC full members.
  2. See Mary or Dianne for a new Event Form.
  3. Fill in the details on the front and back of the Event Form. Please write clearly, especially your contact details, as the information needs to appear accurately on the Events Schedule and Meetup. Make sure that the event is recorded clearly on the attached pink carbon.
  4. Include any payment deadlines for both deposits or payments in full. Make it clear if these are non-refundable. Some activities will be free.
  5. On the Event Form write the full address of the Event, including post code, event times/duration and where and when to meet plus any useful additional information such as parking details that can also be included on the website.
  6. Give the pink carbon copy to Mary, Dianne, Nancy or Caroline who will make sure that the event appears on the Events Schedule and Meetup website. Let us know if as the organiser you want to be anonymous on Meetup (not everyone wants their name to appear online).
  7. Add the white Event Form to the appropriate Event Folder.
  8. Check the attendee names regularly before your event and make sure everyone knows what the arrangements are and that they have made any payments in full. If you are a member of Meetup, check to see if anyone who has signed up on the website has also completed the Event Form.
  9. If you can, promote your event at club night, it is likely to be more successful and it is also an opportunity to encourage new or less confident members to join in.
  10. As the Event Host you should do your best to ensure that everyone feels welcome.
  11. If you find that you are unable to host the event in person, please make sure that someone else will act as the host on your behalf.
  12. If you must cancel your event, it is your responsibility to make sure that everyone who has signed up to attend has been informed that the event will not be taking place, including the Meetup Organiser and Caroline.

Remember – if you organise two events during the year that have appeared in the monthly events schedule, you will receive a £10 discount on the following year’s membership fee.