Standing Orders

North Staffordshire Inter-Varsity Club – Standing Orders

• The purpose of these Standing Orders is to inform members and visitors of the procedures to be adopted in various circumstances to ensure the smooth running of the Club.
• The Standing Orders shall at no time be interpreted as contravening the rules and regulations of the Club.
• The Standing Orders are intended to ensure equal and fair treatment for all current and potential members.
• The Committee is empowered to amend the Standing Orders at any Committee meeting for which the required period of notice and clear statement of intent to modify the Standing Orders on the agenda are satisfied.
• A copy of the Standing Orders may be obtained by any member on request to the Secretary.

Membership and Subscriptions
• The annual membership subscription will be determined in line with Article 16 of the Club’s constitution. This is based on the calendar year January to December.
• Membership renewal is due on 1st January and should be paid by the end of that month.
• A £10 subscription discount will apply if the member hosts two events in the calendar year. The events must appear on the events schedule.
• Any host discount is only valid if payment is made by 31st January of the subscription year. Payment after this date will be for the full amount with no discount applied.
• Existing members who have failed to pay their subscription within one month of the subscription becoming due shall be informed by the Membership Secretary that their subscription is overdue. If this subscription is not then received within fourteen days, membership shall be terminated. Until such time these persons shall be
considered paid up members.
• Events schedules continue to be available to members who have not paid their renewal subscription until the end of February after which time they will cease to be sent out.
• For any member or former member renewal is for the full annual subscription irrespective of when it is paid.
• Payment can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer. The renewal form should be completed to confirm the existing details are correct or to advise of any changes and handed to a Committee member.
• Cash and cheques are to be handed to a Committee member.
• All cash and cheques will be passed to the Treasurer for deposit in the Club’s bank account.
• Potential new members will be asked to pay £5.00 for an IVC Passport which covers membership for the first three months. Under the North Staffs IVC Passport Scheme potential members are required to attend 6 events of which no more than three should be club nights. Such events should be recorded on the IVC Passport along with the signature of the organiser.
• After the initial three-month period any application to become a full member should be made to the Membership Secretary or to a Committee member. The fully completed IVC Passport and application form together with a current photograph must be provided.
• The application will be submitted for approval at the next forthcoming Committee meeting.
• Once accepted the new member will be advised of the balance of annual membership subscription to be paid calculated on a pro rata basis.
• Honorary members shall pay no subscription but may be required to pay other such fees as may be necessary for the participation in Club activities.

Guests and Visitors.
• Visitors who have applied for membership of the Club shall be treated as ordinary members of the club until a decision on their application is known.
• Any visitor who attends Club events on a regular or long term basis may be required, at the discretion of the Committee, to apply for membership of the Club and pay the appropriate subscription.
• Members wishing to bring guests to events held in another member’s home shall inform the host in advance and obtain their agreement.
• Where it is necessary to limit participation in any Club activity, priority will normally be given to members. Applicants for membership shall be next in order of priority followed by visitors.

Accounts and Audit.
• The Committee has the power to apply for any debit or credit cards deemed necessary to facilitate the control of the Club’s finances. Any card applied for to be agreed by resolution at a Committee meeting (of which an entry in the minutes shall be conclusive evidence).
• The designated card holder will normally be the Treasurer, unless otherwise agreed by resolution at a Committee meeting (of which an entry in the minutes shall be conclusive evidence).
• The Committee has the power to open up to two bank accounts, one interest bearing, in which to retain the Club’s cash holding, and to obtain access to any facilities offered by the bank(e.g. Internet banking) to simplify the handling of such accounts. Any changes to the accounts held or facilities applied for to be agreed by resolution at a Committee meeting (of which an entry in the minutes shall be conclusive evidence).
• Two signatories will be authorised to sign cheques on behalf of The Club. These will normally be the Chair and the Treasurer. Only one signature is required on each cheque. These arrangements can be altered by resolution at a Committee meeting (of which an entry in the minutes shall be conclusive evidence).
• Members may only incur expenses on behalf of the Club with the prior knowledge and consent of the Treasurer.
• Members who incur expenses on behalf of the Club shall be required to produce a receipt or such evidence of purchase as the Treasurer may require.
• No member may incur debts for the Club or settle accounts without the prior permission of the Treasurer.