Walk guidelines

Safety is paramount
You should be able to give a reasonable estimate of distance and grade and be reasonably familiar with the route.Many walks cover rough terrain and the wearing of suitable footwear is essential.
Be honest, if people are aware of a particularly strenuous walk, they can make an informed decision as to whether to take part or not.The weather can be unpredictable. Taking waterproofs is advisable.
A head count should be taken at the start and at various stages during the route.Everyone must ensure that they carry basic first aid items for their own use.
With larger groups, a Back Marker should be nominated to monitor slower walkers.In most cases, a route will already have been walked by the leader who will therefore be able to give an idea of the terrain etc. check with them.
Non-members who are not on a Passport Membership should not be allowed to join the walk as they will have no IVC insurance cover.Walks are occasionally organised without being checked first, especially when they are further afield. In this situation the leader may need to check position or scout ahead, please be patient it could save time backtracking later.
While no-one would be asked to ‘fend for themselves’ there must be a certain amount of personal responsibility, don’t assume that someone else will have a spare waterproof, plasters, drinks or food etc.